Privacy policy For Stella Data Recovery All Application

We committed to respect for your online privacy and recognize you need for appropriate protection and management of your personal information which is you share with us Stella data recovery software has established this online privacy policy so you can understand that which is intend to treat your personal information personal information means which is you share with us for identify an individual including but not limit like your name a home or other physical address and email address other information whether at work at home in general you can visit Stella data recovery network web pages without telling us who you are revealing personal information about yourself

Cookies and Other Technologies

Some web pages utilize cookies and other tracking technologies for user tracking A cookies is a small text file that may be used for example to collect information about site activity some cookies and other technologies may serve to recall personal data previously indicated by a web user most browser allow you to control cookies including whether or not accept them and how to deleted them

You may set mostly browser to notified if you received the cookies to you may to block the cookies with your browser if you chose erase the cookies you will need to enter your original user id and password to Again access to other web site on that time you will accesses the web.

Tracking technologies may record information such as internet domain and host names internet protocol (IP) address browser software and operating system accesses the web site and not contain information for trend and statistics


If you want to subscribe the Newsletter so want the contact information such email address is respect for users that is way of communication

Customer Service communication

We comunicate with client regular basis providing the service regading isue account regading solve the problem by email


Our site give survey also time to time users via survey participation in the survey is Completly voluntary user has choice whether ar not disclose this information typically includes contact information (such as name and shipping address)and demographic information (such zip code).

servey information not shared with third party we are not conduct these survey they my not use personal identifibale for Secondary purpase

Contact information

If user have any problem regading securate and privacy policy regading so contact us these E-mail Id like:- and